The Mazda brand and its “zoom zoom” moniker have been part of what we imagine and love to enjoy on the road for many years, whether you drive a Mazda3, a Mazda6, or another great Mazda model. Right now, it feels like the most anticipated new model from this brand that we’re looking for is the next RX model which has been shown as a concept in the Vision Concept model that hasn’t made its way to the production line just yet. With that in mind, what you might not realize is the fact that Mazda is ready to give us a look at another model that will be impressive on the road.
The newest concept model that we’ll see at the Tokyo Motor Show from the Mazda name is the new Kai. This is a car that looks like what we should expect the next generation of the Mazda3 to appear to be. The concept that will make its way to the stage is one that shows up with a strong influence of the Kodo design language that offers us a smooth and impressive driving performance and experience to make sure you can have the drive you want to enjoy out on the roads in your area.

More of What the Kai Brings

If all the new Mazda Kai concept brought to the market was the Kodo design style and language, we wouldn’t want to talk about it for long. This new model is expected to be quieter, more comfortable, and have improved driving dynamics compared to the current Mazda lineup. That’s saying quite a bit considering the impressive way we enjoy and admire the drive from the current selection of models this brand has to offer us for the ride. This is a great looking concept that also offers the driving dynamics we want from Mazda.
In addition to being more of what we want, the new Kai concept will make use of the new SkyActiv-X engine technology. This technology takes the benefits of the compression used in a diesel engine and implements them into a gasoline-powered engine. This compression ignition is able to offer a more efficient ride and a burn that expels fewer emissions into the atmosphere when you drive. This system was tricky to complete but the estimated increase of twenty to thirty percent improvement in fuel economy and emissions makes an important difference in what this car could offer us when it hits the market.
The development of the new Kai shows us the advancements of what we want to see from Mazda with the dynamic engine technology and the incredible design that makes a difference in the look and feel of the car. If this car makes its way to the market as a production model this will be one of the sexiest and most efficient models offered from Mazda to make its way to the market without wearing the RX or Miata names. This is one more reason for us to look forward to the Tokyo Auto Show which is coming in the next few days.

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