One of the largest public figures in the world that have been considered one of the most macho men in the world is Arnold Schwarzenegger. As a star on the big screen, former bodybuilding champion and former Governor of California, the Terminator needs to have vehicles to drive that fit his personality but also have the ability to work with the direction that California is headed with the desire to have more models offered on the market that are EV or hybrid in nature for the future. While Arnold would look strange in a Prius, he’s turned to one company to help him have the right models to drive and enjoy.


Because Arnold plans and continues to set a positive example for others that reside in California to follow, he turned to a company to change his G-Wagen to an electric model. Kreisel Electric took his Mercedes-Benz large off-road model into their shop and changed it from a gasoline-powered brute to one that uses only electricity to have the drive and power needed on the roads and trails that Arnold may choose to drive on. This was completed several months ago and has been the model that has been shown off in a variety of ways.

More Recently

It’s no secret that the H1 Hummer is one of the models that have ever made its way to the market that uses the most fuel on the road. The efficiency numbers for this massive military-style SUV were laughable when the brand brought this impressive model to the market. Now, this is the vehicle that is being altered for the use of Schwarzenegger when he wants to head out on the roads near his California home. In order to be the SUV that you would expect to find in this state, Arnold turned to Kreisel Electric once again.
The team build this car with two motors and gave it a top speed of 75 mph while offering a range from the battery pack of 186 miles. The team put in 100 kWh of batteries which added to the weight of the vehicle, bringing the weight up to 7275 pounds. The range of this H1 is made to fit what Arnold needs when he heads out for the day and the build took only two months because there wasn’t a lot of altering that had to be done to fit the batteries into the H1.


Schwarzenegger presented the H1 to give us a view of what Kreisel is able to accomplish. He jokingly stated that if this company continues to build the models at this pace he would likely be flying in an EV jet from LA to Austria in the near future. This event gave the company the opportunity to announce they would open a new research and development center in Austria soon which will become a hotbed for EV developments which will be right for the future.
With a par of excellent models that offer the size and personality that fit the former Governor and bodybuilding champion, the positive example is set. This is a responsible and impressive way to have vehicles to drive that fit into what the future holds for California from one of its most prominent residents.

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