When it comes to the positive elements of a minivan and an SUV you’ll have the benefits of a family-sized vehicle that can carry everyone where they need to go. As you look at what an SUV offers, the higher ride height and versatility of the cargo capacity make driving and bringing what you’re looking for with you to where you want to go. Toyota took these positive attributes and put them together to have the drive and the performance needed.
It seems like the Toyota brand has been looking for a vehicle to take over the position in the market where the FJ Cruiser used to be. With a model that brings you more of the qualities you’re looking for from a minivan and an SUV the new Tj Cruiser will be the ride that could be perfect for the spot. Right now this is a concept model with AWD and the hybrid powertrain desired. This new model uses the TNGA platform and the Tj stands for “toolbox and joy” to give you an idea of the direction Toyota has taken this vehicle.

The Capability You’re Looking For

While it’s a concept model right now, the Tj Cruiser is a vehicle that would be perfect for the drive on the roads of an island nation like Japan or on roads in coastal areas such as California. This vehicle is 14-feet long and offers four seats that can fold down completely to be able to give you a cavernous cargo area to load up surfboards, bikes or more. The interior shape is boxier than what we’ve seen on some SUV models recently, making this a vehicle that could be easy for you to load up and know you’ve got more capacity than most other models.
The power for the new Tj Cruiser shows up with a 2.0-liter gasoline engine that’s aided by a hybrid system and is attached to an automatic transmission. In addition to the massive sliding doors that allow you to have access to the cargo area, there are several tie-down points on the inside of this vehicle to make sure you can strap your cargo in and have your stuff kept in place. The hood, roof, and fenders are also sprayed with a special coating to protect them from scratches, dirt, and small bumps.
the new Tj Cruiser is a vehicle you can take a look at and enjoy later this month when the Tokyo Motor Show arrives on October 25. This vehicle will debut next to the new hybrid targa sports car, the GR HV Sports concept and the third-generation Century model. This is when we’ll get to see this new model and enjoy what it can offer us for the drive if it does make its way to the production lineup from Toyota for the future of the capability we want and the hybrid powertrain that’s needed.

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