Tesla Better Watch Out

Tesla Better Watch Out

For the past few years, the Tesla Model S has not only been one of the most impressive luxury machines on the road, it’s also made a mark as the fastest car to reach sixty mph. In the P100D format, this car has continuously left others behind, showing off what instant torque can do in a car that’s built to rocket across the line. Now, we may have a new participant in the realm that Tesla has dominated for the past few years and this car might be able to dethrone the Model S.

The Newcomer

With the Frankfurt Motor Show just a few days away, many automakers are clamoring to bring the models we want to see on the roads to this show. One company that is going to give us a look at their newest creation is Aspark, which is a relatively new company from Japan. This new model will be their first production model and it will make the drive to the stage in Frankfurt to let us see what they have come up with as a car that can become the fastest car to reach sixty mph and seriously challenge the Tesla Model S if it heads to production.
This new car is one that has been designed to look like a supercar and perform as one as well. This new car is dubbed the Owl and it’s an all-electric carbon bodied supercar that is expected to be able to make the ride to sixty mph in less than two seconds, making it the fastest production car ever made if it does, in fact, make its way to the production line. With this in mind, we certainly have even more to look forward to in Frankfurt because there aren’t many details for this car yet.

The Reaction

It may be too soon for Tesla to react to this news and the fact that the Owl isn’t in production yet may make a difference, but this new model from Aspark could be the one that allows those who have been looking for a supercar with EV power a choice they can make. This new car has been seen in a short video with the body off to let us see the interior workings of the car that shows us that this car is one that has AWD and active front axles.
Now that we see what the new Owl has under the skin in the video linked below, and we have some idea of how fast it can accelerate, this will be the car we want to look at and enjoy at the show in Frankfurt later in the month. Will this car dethrone the Tesla Model S P100D or will it be another car that captures our attention for a few minutes and then disappears? That is yet to be seen. Look forward to more information about the company Aspark and their new creation in the Owl as we enjoy the show in Germany over the next several days.

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