Finding Ways to Branch Out

Finding Ways to Branch Out

If an automaker has built their hybrid systems or their EV batteries to be fully integrated and only have a single application, they are being extremely narrow-minded and not considering what the batteries they have could mean. On the other hand, some companies are looking at how the batteries they create can be used for more applications than just in the vehicles they build and offer. We’ve heard about Tesla batteries being used to add power to a home in a renewable format and now know that another company has found a great way to use their batteries for more than just automotive use.

In a recent announcement, BMW has informed us the batteries used in the i3 can also be used for other items. The lithium-ion batteries from this car are being supplied to Torqeedo, a German company that builds boats and the propulsion systems for them. The way the i3 batteries are made allows them to be the perfect solution for Torqeedo to use and makes this a marriage made in a way to allow this marine company to create the right EV boat powertrains and offer them to the customers they serve.

The high-voltage batteries created by BMW were always intended to be able to use a plug-and-play models that can be used in a variety of application. The i3 features eight modules in the battery containing twelve cells are the perfect setup for Torqeedo to easily fit into the boats. This company has chosen to combine the battery pack with the most powerful range of motors for inboard and outboard applications along with the hybrid systems being developed that will offer up to 160 horsepower. Using these batteries this company will have an amazing set of motors that are perfect for you to have the drive on the water needed.

Torqeedo was founded in 2005 in Starnberg, Germany and is one of the leading providers of electric and hybrid propulsion system for motorboats, sailing yachts, commercial marine applications and water taxis. This company is well respected around the world and is an excellent way for BMW to show off the versatility of their battery systems that are able to have a fantastic way to be used in a variety of applications. With this marriage, the boats we see on the water can be better than ever and have a great way for us to enjoy the fun we want to have on the weekends.

This system is being called the Deep Blue propulsion system to be the one used for boats that will last into the future. The fact that the team at Torqeedo can use these batteries from BMW makes it easier for them to have the right power for the motors they build. Knowing they don’t have to develop their own technology and being able to add the batteries to the system with ease makes the building of these boats more productive and much more comprehensive than ever.

If you see a boat from Torqueedo and find it has an electrical propulsion system aboard, you’ll know it likely has one of these i3 batteries included from BMW. Where else will we see these batteries show up in the future?

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