Don’t turn your nose up at the Mitsubishi Mirage; this is a car that can be perfect for you when you need something that gives you more than what you pay for. This is a value car that gives you an upgrade over years past to make it a car that’s better than it’s been before. Typically the Mirage is maligned for the rough feeling when idling at a stop light or intersection but this new model of the Mirage has corrected this and many other troubles the Mirage gave us in the past.

There’s no reason to think the Mirage can’t be the car you need. If you’re looking for a car that’s right for the commute you need to make this is one that will allow you to have that ride and the peace of mind of the ten-year warranty that you want to enjoy on the road. The low price and fuel efficiency of the Mirage make it easy to love and makes it a car that can fit the need you have while still bringing you more of the items you need on a regular basis.

There is only one engine that’s offered for this car whether you choose the typical hatchback or the new G4 sedan that’s been offered starting this year. This engine is a 1.2-liter inline three-cylinder engine that provides you with 78 horsepower and 74 lb.-ft. of torque. This tiny engine makes use of either a manual or automatic transmission to give you the fuel numbers you want to enjoy on the road. For the manual sedan, Mitsubishi offers 33 city/40 hwy mpg, the manual hatchback will give you 33 city/41 hwy mpg, the automatic sedan brings in 35 city/42 hwy mpg and the automatic hatchback provides 37 city/43 hwy mpg to give you near hybrid results without the cost of a hybrid vehicle.

Other than the new sedan model of the Mirage this car brings in the connectivity you want and better styling cues inside and out. The refreshed styling gives you a better-looking car to enjoy while adding a new audio system that adds the connectivity of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The engine is more refined than before to provide you with a smoother ride that you’ll enjoy when you want to make this the car you drive on a regular basis in traffic during your commute.

As a car that’s on the lower end of the price market, the Mirage doesn’t come with a ton of equipment, especially at the base model. This car comes with air conditioning, tilt steering, power windows, door and mirrors, keyless entry, a USB port and a four-speaker audio system. There are some great safety features that you can enjoy such as hill start assist, seven airbags and stability control. This is a car that may not offer you much to start with, but the base version of this car is one you can drive and know you’re paying less.

Looking to the options of this car, the automatic transmission begins the list. This list continues with a rearview camera, push-button start, an upgraded audio system, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, automatic climate controls, cruise control and Bluetooth connectivity. There isn’t a navigation system offered for this car, you’ll have to use your smartphone, but the addition of upgraded connectivity can make this easier for you to enjoy. The Mirage can be enjoyed with most of these upgrades and still come to you at a price that’s easy for you to afford on a monthly basis.

You need a car that can get you to and from work on a daily basis and you don’t want to spend a lot of money to make this happen. The best way to have the ride that’s right for you that’s both affordable and economical is to choose the Mitsubishi Mirage. This little hatchback makes a difference in the drive for you and gives you a great way to keep the money in your pocket. Remember, this car is for your daily commute and gives you an easy way to have a car that saves your nicer car for the times you want to drive on the weekends.

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