We love the power and the performance we can have from the engines we love under the hood of our cars but what we don’t love is the pollution these vehicles produce. While changing the large truck market to reduce emissions and have big haulers that can bring materials to the stores is only one aspect of changing this negative environmental effect, there are more personal vehicles on the roads than any other which contributes heavily to the deterioration of the atmosphere in the form of harmful chemicals that are being expelled as we drive around in our vehicles.

EV Tech in France

The development of hybrid systems and now of EV technology, which is now more affordable than ever, has made it possible to look toward vehicles that expel no emissions at all as the right choice to drive and help to protect the environment. Because of this development, some locations around the world have already put an expiration date on the internal combustion engine by stating they will no longer allow cars to be sold after a certain year that have these engines under the hood. The newest to join the collection of countries that are planning the ban is France.

France is an interesting choice when it comes to any type of ban on the engines that pollute the air because of their robust automotive industry that continues to grow and thrive. Even so, France has announced a ban on gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles by the year 2040. The other countries that have announced bans are Norway in 2025 and India in 2030, but neither of these countries is nearly as successful in the automotive industry when it comes to actual manufacturing. France is ready to make the changes needed to allow an improved air quality to take place across their country.

The Push Towards EV Vehicles, Incentivized

The belief of the French President is that Peugeot-Citroen and Renault are capable of making the transition to EV models by the year stated. In addition to this future ban, which will help make a difference in the atmosphere, France is going to offer incentives for those who replace their current cars. This will be an incentive that is offered for gasoline powered cars that were built before 1997 and diesel vehicles that were built before 2001. This will help to put more cars on the road that are newer and offer lower emissions with better controls in place, which will be a step in the right direction.

As France works toward this ban, which will eventually affect the population of over 66 million people who won’t be able to buy a gas or diesel powered vehicle after 2040 which will allow us to work toward having vehicles that are offered with zero emissions to allow France to be a place of clean air. As for the incentives for replacing a vehicle, the actual amount of the incentive hasn’t been announced, but the future of what France will offer has put an expiration date on the internal combustion engine in France.

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