There is a car that has absolutely taken our breath away and brought us the look and feel we want in a vehicle that’s right for the drive. It showed up on our television sets during the Super Bowl to the delight of crowds that looked in awe and asked “what is that” wondering if they could even dream to drive this car. That car is the Alfa Romeo Giulia and it started out with more accolades than any other car has had on the market in many years to be the most exciting new car on the US market.

While Alfa Romeo hasn’t had much of a presence on our market for several years, this new luxury sedan is one of the most amazing ways to enter then market once again with a car that can fit nearly every lifestyle. Most of the press for the Giulia has been overwhelmingly positive, as it should be, and the car has been showered with praise. It should be with its smooth and elegant looks along with the ability to have the Quadrifoglio Verde version that brings you 505 horsepower full of fun on the road.

From the names you trust and respect such as Top Gear Magazine, Car & Driver and even The Grand Tour this car has received positive and rave reviews for the look, the feel and the performance, but some of the cars that even these press professionals have received have given them troubles. Whether it was the fact that a Motor Trend tester had to be towed or the complaint of the squeaky dashboard by the writer from Car & Driver there have been some issues associated with this new car. These complaints have been heard and we have to hope that Alfa has fixed these issues.

Keep in mind, the cars that are driven by those that review them, especially when it comes to a new car, are some of the early production runs of that vehicle which give us hope that Alfa Romeo has fixed everything the respected journalists have complained about. The build and the look of the new Giulia is impressive and its meant to give us a car that can challenge some of the other classic luxury names, but it has to be put together the right way and be reliable on the road when we want to take a ride.

If you had a new car to offer the world, the models you offered to the professionals that have to review that car would need to be the ones that are perfectly built to impress them. With that thought in mind you might feel like there could be trouble down the road if you choose to drive the new Giulia. Because this is a new car there are bound to be a few quality issues out of the gate, but the look and the ride haven’t been where these problems lie, which certainly should be a positive for this car as we go forward.

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