The idea of being able to escape from custody is one that many may fantasize about when they watch television or a movie. We see our heroes wrongfully accused of a variety of crimes and imprisoned only to be able to escape and prove their innocence. Real life isn’t quite as fanciful as the shows and movies put on for us to entertain us, but sometimes real life can be exciting all the same. Such was the case in Pennsylvania recently when one man thought to try and take back his freedom from custody.

During work release programs those who are able to work and provide a service that offers the least likelihood of escape and the lowest threat to those around them. Most of the inmates that take advantage of the work release programs love the ability to get away from the prison, exercise, do some work and be out in the sunshine. Many of us have seen these inmates working along highways picking up trash or performing the landscaping duties necessary to help keep the highways clean and manicured so that motorists can use these areas for any emergency that may happen in their car.

What happens when one young man sees and opportunity to attempt an escape from police custody? It seems the temptation to drive and hope for an escape was too much for one young man in the work release program. He was positioned in the passenger seat of the pickup truck in the video below when the truck was pulled over for speeding. While the driver and the police spoke outside the truck, this passenger moved to the driver’s seat and proceeded to take off on a high speed chase that led to the amazing launch you see in the video below.

The chase that ensued led police down the highway at speeds of up to 115 mph and didn’t seem to be any way it was going to stop. This young man took his opportunity and may have had flashes in his head of those heroes he admired as a teenager and the way they would always be able to evade the custody that he was trying to avoid. While we have no idea what was actually going on inside his head, driving down a public highway at 115 mph certainly is a recipe for disaster and one that could easily cause a wreck.

Thankfully the police were able to control the situation; somewhat. This young driver lost control of the truck after he ran over the spike strips that police use to help slow vehicles down. Once he hit the strips the truck careened into a ditch at nearly 100 mph. It didn’t take long for the truck to hit the ditch and launch out, giving us the spectacular jump that you see in the video. Considering this wasn’t a staged jump and used a regular pickup truck you would have expected there to be a ton of damage and injuries during this ride.

As for the damage, the truck landed on a car that was parked nearby which means both the truck and the car are most likely totaled. As for the young inmate that attempted to escape custody; he is back in custody and was able to crawl out of the passenger side door without any injuries to himself. Certainly this action will bring with it a long list of charges against this young man, but it was an amazing jump that most people wouldn’t be able to walk away from without any personal harm. Enjoy this video and be amazed at how stupid and how lucky this young man is.

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