For a car that didn’t need to change for the initial launch of the Genesis brand the move from being the Hyundai Genesis that we admired to the G80 that we love was an easy change of the badges for this car. For the upcoming 2018 model year and with an early spring release, the G80 is receiving its first set of upgrades in a new trim that will be added and called the Sport trim. This will give us something new to choose as the Genesis brand begins to get its feet under itself and become a luxury brand that we can easily love to drive.

This addition of the new trim level has allowed Genesis to revamp the G80 lineup entirely. These upgrades include a reshaped front bumper with a new look to the intakes and the lower valance area, changes to the grill and rear bumper also have taken place for the 2018 model year. You’ll also be able to ride on 18-inch wheels if that’s what you want to do when you buy your G80. The mechanical parts of the car haven’t been changed at all and it’s a car that could bring you years of driving pleasure.

While the changes to the G80 are going to give us a great looking car to drive, the idea is to see if the Sport trim is one you’ll enjoy as well. This new trim is going to offer a more aggressive appearance to start with. You’ll have a mesh grill, 19-inch wheels, performance tires and a lower body kit to add to the sporty appearance of the car. With this trim there is a new engine to choose which is the 3.3-liter twin turbocharged V6 that pumps out 365 horsepower which is one of the most impressive engines on the market today.

The expectation while adding this new engine is it might be quick enough to beat the other G80 models in the lineup. With a smaller engine, which makes the car lighter the power output shows up at only 55 horsepower and 7 lb.-ft. of torque less than the heavier V8 in the G80, which could make this a much more agile vehicle to drive. Because of that expectation the new G80 sport is outfitted with the performance items you want such as adaptive dampers, a sport tuned suspension and transmission and upgraded vented rear brake rotors.

The interior of the G80 Sport has been upgraded to give you the feeling of comfort and performance combined. The question of whether or not this is the right car for you still looms large. Do you think a smaller engine with slightly less power can outgun the V8 on the road or on the track? Do you want to enjoy the smooth drive and planted feeling of the Sport in your luxury vehicle? If you think this is a great way to drive, keep your eyes open for the G80 Sport that will come to a nearby Genesis showroom this spring, it may be hard to catch, but it will be a lot of fun once you do.

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