Midsized SUV are becoming more stylish and offer a ton of design elements that make them the perfect vehicles on the road for us to enjoy. Previously Infiniti had shown off the QX50 concept but that version was seriously just a concept form. Recently this SUV made its way to the stage at the Detroit Auto Show and it certainly took the breath away of anyone in attendance. Not only is this new concept one that appears to be close to production ready, its smartly built, perfectly styled and a vehicle that you simply wanted to take home right now to begin living life with it. Unfortunately we’ll have to wait to have this vehicle on the market, but we can certainly discuss what it has to offer.

Style – There’s not an angle you can find on this QX50 Sport Concept model that doesn’t pique your interest. This SUV offers you a great look from every side and corner of the vehicle to be one of the most attractive SUVs we’ve ever seen on the stage. Not only does this vehicle show up with impressive style but it’s built to offer us the technology we want by offering a wide array of cameras and sensors that appear to have been smartly hidden around the vehicle to make sure we can admire the impressive look and not be bothered by these gadgets. The design of this SUV is called “Powerful Elegance” by Infiniti and it seems fitting when you take a good look at this beauty.

Brand New Engine – When it comes to technology, the engine is one place we look to for upgrades that make a huge difference for us. The new QX50 will show up the first version of the variable compression turbocharged engine on the market. This engine is able to provide the power and efficiency we need. The engine is a 2.0-liter four-cylinder build and is set up with AWD but what the engine can do is the impressive part. The compression ratio can change which allows for the power of a high performance engine when needed and the higher compressions of a higher efficiency engine when needed as well.

More Style (Interior) – the inside of the QX50 Concept is absolutely breathtaking. Quilted leather seats with perfect stitching show off a commitment to elegance that Infiniti is known for on many models. The Infiniti promise is to make sure the style continues to be elegant and exciting as the model makes its way to the production line and not give up style in the name of function. This midsized SUV is going to carry the look and feel that Infiniti wants for the future, which makes keeping this intact an extremely important venture. There are textures, visual appeal and a look at every angle that reminds you this is a gorgeous luxury vehicle.

Autonomous Driving Tech – This new concept will have all the advancements and equipment need to be one of the first vehicles with autonomous driving technology ready to go. Infiniti has taken a different approach to this technology than most companies. They call this a proactive approach with the idea of maintaining a majority of the control of the vehicle with you as the driver while allowing the autonomous systems to assist you in the drive on the road. This concept uses an upgraded version of the advanced driver assistance technology that’s already in place in many of the other Infiniti models on the road today.

Not Just a Concept – This new Infiniti QX50 Concept is extremely close to what we expect to see the production model to look like. This new production model is expected to make its debut in the early part of 2018 and either be included as a late model for the same model year or one of the early models to make it for the 2019 model year. This SUV will certainly lead the way in its class, especially if it continues to have the same appearance inside and out that we have been shown already at the Detroit Auto Show.

If you want a closer look at what the Infiniti QX50 Concept has to offer take a look at this video. This is a fantastic tour of the SUV and what we hope to see when it hits production. This is a vehicle that brings us advanced technology at every turn and a gorgeous appearance making it a concept I want to take home and enjoy today.

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