01.25.17 - GMC Acadia

GMC Helps You Keep Your Rear Seat Safe

Small children have a tendency to be in their own little world when riding around in the car with their parents. Whether they look out the window and use their imagination to create a world of wonder or they happen to have a game to play or even fall asleep, many children find great ways to pass the time during some of the most boring parts of their day. Unfortunately, the parents of these children have a tendency to be busy and full of business and family related topics on their minds, which means they need some help.

One of the worst feelings any parent can have is parking their vehicle, heading into the store or the office for a short period of time and returning to the vehicle only to find their child has died. This does happen and more often than what anyone would like because the child in the rear seat fell asleep and the parent had a ton on their mind and were extremely distracted. Because of this situation, GMC now offers a new feature on the 2017 Acadia to help make sure you don’t forget your little one again.

This new feature is called the Rear Seat Reminder. This newly designed item detects if the rear door has been opened and closed within ten minutes of the vehicle being started or anytime while its running. Once this detection has been alerted the system will be enabled. With this system activated the Rear Seat Reminder will alert the driver with five audible chimes and the message across the center display that reads “Rear Seat Reminder/Look in Rear Seat.” This will be a great reminder to make sure you look in the back and don’t leave your most precious cargo in the rear ever again.

Another purpose of this feature, which is much less morbid, is the fact that many thefts occur inside vehicles. If you leave your laptop out in plain view or your purse, these items have a tendency to be the target of thieves. With the Rear Seat Reminder system you can be reminded to take your items with you so that you don’t come back to a vehicle that’s been damaged and items that have been stolen. This system will help ensure fewer vehicles are the target of thieves and will you protect your items in the rear of the vehicle, even if it’s only your lunch.

With this new system on the 2017 GMC Acadia you can expect GMC to bring this system to more vehicles in the future after they receive enough data and feedback regarding the system. Even though the Rear Seat Reminder can’t guarantee you take the items with you out of the rear seat, this should help and help you avoid leaving your children behind who have fallen asleep in their car safety seats. The number of deaths of children because of heatstroke in a vehicle should plummet quickly if this feature becomes a widespread and standard item.

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