When you buy a car that you’re going to drive and enjoy for the performance it provides you probably want to make a few modifications right away. As much as many might think the first thing to do is to add more power to a vehicle that’s not always the case. You might want more horsepower to gather more speed when driving straight, but if your car is destined for the track there aren’t any straight tracks out there where you’ll drive for any length of time. This means power isn’t the first thing you should add to your car at all, but there are some important upgrades you can make to give you the power and performance you want. Engineering Explained actually has an excellent video on the topic.

Rather than trying to hit your car with more power to start with, consider the part of the car that actually touches the road and track. This means an upgrade to the tires and wheels to give you more grip, better acceleration, increased cornering speed and a shorter stopping distance. There are tons of great tires on the market you can use and if you’re planning to race your car you need to have a couple sets available for the best track runs possible.

The next upgrade you would want to consider is the Brakes. Your brakes are an important part of the performance of your car when it comes to the cornering you do and being able to cut around a turn better than other cars. If you add brakes that can soak up more heat and give you the stopping power you want you’ll be ahead of the game when it comes time to hit the track with your new performance machine.

Another way you can improve the performance of your vehicle is to add a limited-slip differential. This will help to distribute the power to the drive wheels to make for a much shorter drive ration. This item also delivers more torque to the wheels faster than what you had in the past. The limited-slip differential can put more power to the outside wheels in a turn and cut the power to the inside wheels to make sure you have a tighter cornering radius and can get around the road or track with ease. This item can be the difference between victory and defeat for you when you’re trying to turn some fast laps at the track.

Even though many people upgrade their cars with an exhaust system first, the reason for this upgrade is not just to make more noise and gain attention. What you really should be doing with a new exhaust on your car is lowering the overall weight of the car to a level that makes it a bit faster.

While adding power can be enjoyable, performance comes from these modifications that you can perform easily and have the drivability you want when you have a car that you’ve chosen to give you the excitement of racing a car that’s made to allow you to love the ride once again.

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