When we see any company, sports team or organizations reach a specific goal or landmark they happen to be chasing it’s time to applaud them, but they also must keep on going. Recently the Green Bay Packers won their 100th game against the Detroit Lions to be the first team in NFL history to reach this mark, but that won’t mean much if they can’t continue their run toward the Super Bowl. In much the same way the numbers just reached by McLaren are impressive, but they must also keep going to catch those brands they’ve been chasing for several years.

McLaren was a racing company only until 2011. As one of the most successful Formula One companies ever created the move from the track to the road has been one that has taken some time but now shows serious success on the part of this amazing company. As a super car builder, they aren’t in competition with automakers that make high volume production a priority, but higher production is important to them. The mark they recently reached is a full 10,000 cars that have been produced, which is pretty good considering the market they’re in and the fact they didn’t start until 2011.

Another noteworthy aspect of this accomplishment is the fact it took 42 months to reach the first 5,000 cars built but only 22 more months to make the second 5,000. Their sales in 2016 were over 3,000 models which was nearly a doubling of the sales in 2015 which came it at 1,654 cars. These sales are excellent, so far, but they still pale in comparison to Lamborghini and Ferrari. In 2015 Lamborghini sold 3,245 cars and Ferrari is on track to produce 9,000 cars per year by 2019. This still shows McLaren well behind the two.

Of course, this doesn’t take away from the accomplishment already in place; 10,000 supercars to roll off the production line and be sold to those who can afford the higher price of a car that can tear up the track and show off on the road. If McLaren is looking for a way to increase sales even more, they could follow the steps of Lamborghini and begin to look at building a super SUV to complement the cars their customers already own, but that could be years in the future for this company right now.

Right now, we need to celebrate and applaud the continued increase in production McLaren has been able to accomplish to reach the numbers they have. The 10,000th car to come off the line was a 570S which was bathed in Ceramic Gray color. This car will be part of the collection added to the Heritage Collection and become a museum piece for those who want to see what the 10,000th car off the line looks like. As a competitor to the two most lauded Italian names, I certainly hope McLaren can continue their run up the line and challenge the rest of the world with their impressively styled supercars.

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