The Toyota Mirai is an impressive fuel-cell vehicle (FCV) that uses electricity to convert hydrogen and oxygen into electricity. This gives you a vehicle that only produces water vapor as its emissions, which makes it a zero emissions vehicle. This is the goal of many vehicles going forward and with the Mirai you have the ability to travel for up to 300 miles before this one needs to be refueled. While the Mirai isn’t the first FCV on the market it’s the one that is working to lead the way and make FCV models more widespread as more hydrogen filling stations are built.

One of the most important reasons to drive the Mirai is if you’re getting noticed and an example that others are expected to follow. Just like with Toyota’s flagship hybrid, Prius, you want to show off with the right message and the Mirai offers the message of being a car that’s attractive and responsible. As long as you live within range of the refueling stations, you can buy the FCV of the Mirai and have a great ride that has no harmful emissions at all. This car is one that can create a following of responsibility by the friends and neighbors you have around you.

If you’re looking for an additional reason to have the Mirai as the vehicle of choice, consider the last time you needed a generator. While the hydrogen refilling stations aren’t widespread across the country yet, this car is one that does make it possible for you to power your house for up to a week with the Power Take-Off device that’s part of the car. This makes the Mirai a car that can be your backup power in case you have a disaster that shuts down the power grid for a certain amount of time.

While this is new technology on the market, even though it’s been done by a couple other manufacturers, the Mirai has more of what you want. This car is offered with a fuel cell concierge service, a longer range longer vehicle for as many as seven days each year, enhanced roadside assistance, an app for locating the nearest hydrogen fuel station and three years of free fuel to give you additional features you want to enjoy. This makes it possible for you to have the use of a car for a vacation for a week each year without the worry of finding hydrogen stations and have all the support you could ever ask for in this vehicle.

The power for the Mirai comes from something that sounds like a brand new technology and it is, in a way. This engine is a fuel cell stack with an electric motor. This gives you 153 horsepower and 247 lb.-ft. of torque while returning you an estimated 67 mpg of driving efficiency. The motor is attached to an ECVT transmission to help the ride feel somewhat normal. With a full tank of hydrogen you will have as much as 312 miles of range for this car.

As for the features you’ll love on this car you will have the Entune system and three years of the Safety Connect App. There aren’t very many optional features on this car. The options you can choose include the PTO unit but that’s about it. This is a car that is enjoyable to drive, offers you materials and surfaces on the inside of the vehicle that makes a huge difference in the drive you want to enjoy on the road. The ride of this vehicle is as familiar as if you ever owned a Prius in the past and has the right ride for you to enjoy.

The Toyota Mirai is not offered in every market of the country. You have to live somewhere near the network of hydrogen refueling stations to be able to enjoy this car, but if you do, it could be the ride you’ll love and the fact that you don’t have to pay for a fill up for three years can make a huge difference in your driving enjoyment. Check out the Mirai if it’s sold in your market, this car is one that is different and makes a huge statement for you to have the ride you’ve been looking for.

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