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Using Tracks to Make Driving Better in Europe

Racing has been part of our world since the beginning of the automobile. Because Europe has been such an integral part of racing and is home to most of the supercars that we admire any visit you make to Europe should include at least a cursory visit to some of the greatest race tracks on the continent. If you haven’t made your plans for a European race track tour just yet it may be time to begin. Along with a visit to any of these amazing locations you should try to attend a race or even take your rental car out on the track if that track allows you to.

Silverstone – This track was built on a World War II airfield in England and is the track that many races are held on each and every year. Recently the Silverstone track received a new layout and covering which allows drivers to open the throttle and let the car run wild more than ever.

Monza – Milan is home to many racing legends and is where several historic Formula One races have been held over the years. This track is located just north of Milan and offers drivers long straightaways and fast turns to make it a track that a racing fan will love to see as drivers can push their cars to the limits.

Brands Hatch – This is another track located in the United Kingdom in the area of Kent. While not as famous as Silverstone this track gives drivers a chance to test their skills with some challenging curves, long straight runs and gorgeous scenery that make this a track which is worth much more than a cursory look.

Zandvoort – Take a trip to the Netherlands and schedule a stop at Zandvroot along the way. This track was built originally for Formula One racing but now is home to a full slate of events all year long, which means you might get to see an awesome race while you’re checking out the track itself.

Spa Francorchamps – While this is a course that is a favorite among Formula One drivers it’s not just a flat course for speed. This course offers elevation changes and a variety of scenic views to take in. This makes for an awesome track that is home to the famous Eau Rouge corner.

Jerez – In the south of Spain you will find more than great scenery and romance, you can also find a major racetrack that hosts a variety of events each year including Formula One and Moto GP races. This is a track that will capture your imagination and make you want to come back with your own race car.

Imola – This is the track that was known as the home to Ferrari for many years and was also home to one of the two Grand Prix races held in Italy. Come see this track and enjoy the rich history and amazing look of the track that is home to the most famous name in racing.

Hockenheimring – This is where the German Grand Prix is held and is a track in Germany that offers long straight runs and some challenging corners all to give a circuit to the drivers that test their abilities. This is the second most famous track in Germany and certainly worth a look.

Fiorano – This is the current home to the testing of Ferrari vehicles. There is no limit to what you might see this lauded automaker testing at Fiorano including Formula One cars that are preparing for the races. There are no public races on this track, but it’s certainly worth the experience all the same.

Monaco – This is the most popular street racing circuit in the world and even though it’s not a permanent track this is where you want to see a race if you happen to be able to visit at the right time. The course that runs through the city offers gorgeous views and colorful buildings to be one of the most impressive and historic courses in the world.

Red Bull Ring – While this course is renamed for its current sponsor it was known as the A1-Ring and Osterrechring and is where the Austrian Grand Prix is held. This is also the home to DTM and MotoGP races each year and a great place to see a race.

Nurburgring – This is truly the most famous track in the world and where many automakers come to test their cars if only to attempt to make a track record for their class. This track is also known as Green Hell and is a track many drivers want to tame but often become tamed themselves. Check out this video for a small excerpt of what racing at The ‘Ring is like.


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