Anytime you buy a used vehicle you want to have the tools that will allow you to enjoy the benefits that come with understanding your vehicle and the ability to work on it yourself. If you pride yourself a grease monkey and want to turn wrenches on your vehicle you might need to have a few extra items in your garage when you want to work on your used Audi vehicle. The beauty of having these items in the garage allow you to also enjoy the benefit of the tools you’ll need if you happen to purchase a Volkswagen vehicle with the same type of engine.

Scan Tool – You need a scan tool to help you troubleshoot the vehicle if anything goes wrong. Most Audi vehicles have a complicated electrical system and you would need one of these items to be able to determine what’s wrong with the vehicle. For the Volkswagen or Audi vehicles you can’t just plug into the OBD-II you have to purchase a VAG-COM scanner and the software that goes with it to install on your computer. This will give you the ability to scan and determine problems with your vehicle without going to the dealership and will cost you around $250 for the tool and software together.

Torx and Torx Plus Drivers – The Torx screws have a star-shaped slot to ensure you can have more tightening force than a typical Phillips or slotted screw. These are common screws used in the automotive world. In the Audi vehicles the massive-airflow sensor (MAF) is secured with screws that have five lobes instead of the standard six, which makes them hard to find, so be careful with these. The MAF is considered a common item you might have to replace in the Audi lineup, so having the right tools to do so may come in handy.

Low-Profile Jack – This floor jack is perfect not only for your Audi, but for any other vehicle you have that sits low or is something you plan to lower. Using a jack that starts out low allows you to raise the car up and change the summer tires to some winter rubber to ensure you can make the best use of the Quattro AWD system that Audi offers. This jack can come in handy for lots of uses, but you also need a good set of jack stands if you’re going to get underneath and do any work.

Coil Pack Removal Tool – Another weakness of the 2.0T engine of the Audi lineup is the coil pack. These need to be replaced on a regular basis and can be pulled out by hand, but it would be a lot easier and more precise to use a tool that can do the job for you. This tool should only cost you around $50 and will make your job a lot easier since you will most likely be changing the coil packs on a regular basis when you own an Audi.

Digital Tire Gauge – Your tires lose air over time and you need to make sure they are kept properly inflated at all times. IN order to do this you need to have a tire pressure gauge that’s digital and will give you an accurate readout. These can be had for less than $20 and will give you a digital readout of your tire pressure and even recommend the proper tire pressure for the temperature and conditions of your driving. This is a tool every mechanic should have regardless of the vehicle they own and will come in handy to help improve fuel efficiency and handling on the road.

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