The Chinese automotive market has one American brand they love more than any other. That brand is Buick. This brand has become so popular in China that we now have a Buick plant in China and enjoy the fact that the new midsized SUV in the Buick lineup comes from this plant, and now the Chinese market will give us what we will see in a new car and the styling that will show us the new lineup. The new Buick Velite Concept is one that came out and showed off as something that we didn’t expect.

This new concept from Buick was expected to be the Chevrolet Volt for the Chinese market but instead it’s a Chinese styled car that will be something more. The Velite shows up with a swooping and sporty look and isn’t even a sedan, but a crossover SUV. While the Buick lineup already has three SUVs, this one may come in with a new name to give us another way the Buick brand is getting even better than it has been for many years. This brand has been known as a brand that isn’t as attractive to younger owners until recently.

This gorgeous SUV offers us a high performance PHEV powertrain that uses the new GM intelligent electric drive system and a high-potency lithium-ion battery. This technology is expected to be used in the next versions of the PHEV models from GM. This new Velite concept will give us the platform that will find its way into the smaller crossover SUV models that will be made to be more efficient than ever and give us a great ride in version that have the right drive for the balance of power and efficiency that GM is looking to create.

On the inside this concept showed us a combination of integrated recycled materials that are effectively used and attractive to look at. This concept has a panoramic sunroof, ambient lighting and a hot spot connectivity that make it easy to use cloud based storage, services and apps that you want to use. The safety of the vehicle is offered with the use of adaptive cruise control, low speed automatic driving, night vision, a 360 degree intelligent traffic system, lane departure warning and safety distance keep assist. This makes for a full complement of amazing features to make this a premium model that you will certainly want to be able to drive.

Will Buick have a version of the Chevrolet Volt on the Chinese market at some point? Probably, the brand has already promised to create more vehicles that are PHEV models as well as more EV powertrains which means we might see the Bolt on the market in China as well. There hasn’t been any word yet when the Velite will make its way to the market in China or in America, but you can bet we’ll see what this concept will add to the lineup in the next couple years as it becomes a Chinese model from Buick first.

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