No matter what type of car owner you are you want your life with your vehicle to be easier and offer you the benefit of a great ride while providing you with the ability to fit in your lifestyle the way you want. If you constantly feel like you’re having to battle to keep your car out of trouble there are some great ways to make a difference in the car ownership you have so that you can make your life easier. Don’t let a few door dings or scratches get you down, use these car hacks to help you improve your life with your vehicle.

Laundry Baskets – While you might think these items are just for you to use around the house to tote laundry to and from the machines, they are a great way for you to clean up the trunk of your vehicle. With a few laundry baskets in the back you can reorganize the items that you tend to carry along on every single trip.

Extended Range – This one seems to be getting more popular. You can extend the range of your key fob by using the fluids in your head and putting the fob under your chin. The fluids act as a conductor and make the range greater for you key fob which is great when you forgot where you parked at the stadium.

Cup in a Shoe – On those long road trips where you have too few cupholders to enjoy having a place for your drink you can put your cup in a shoe. Place the shoe between the seats or in any other secure place where it won’t move around and then set your cup inside. Now you’ve made your own additional cupholder and have a great place for your drink.

Bumper Sticker Hell – Whether you’ve put them on your vehicle or you buy a used model that’s covered in bumper stickers you will want to remove them at some point. If you pull off the sticker you will be left with a sticky residue that’s hard to remove, but some wet newspaper draped over the sticky area for about fifteen minutes will do the trick and you will have a clean removal.

Food Warmers – When you have the chance, buy a car with seat warmers, they make a huge difference in your overall enjoyment of the vehicle. Of course if you need to bring home a pizza or some leftovers that you want to keep warm all you have to do is turn on the seat warmer and then the food ride along on the seat.

Stocking Solutions – Women’s stockings can be used for a variety of fixes in your car. One is for the windshield wipers that have worn out and you might only have the bare metal of the arm scraping the glass. When this happens and you’re away from a place to buy a new wiper put the stocking around the wiper arm to keep your windshield from being damaged.

Stocking Belt – Another way a pair of stockings can help is to replace your timing belt. This isn’t a long term solution, but if your belt snaps while on the road you can run a pair of stockings along the same path as the belt and hope this will be enough to get you home until you can have the new timing belt installed.

Headlight Fix – It’s dangerous to have cloudy headlights. These cause you to have less visibility at night than you do if the headlights are clear and clean. Taking some toothpaste to the headlights will clean them up and make it easier for you to have the right way to drive with bring and visible lights that give you the view you need at night.

Window Filler – When you get a small crack or chip in your windshield you can use some clear nail polish to fill the chip and it will be barely visible to you or anyone else. This can help prevent the chip from spreading and becoming a huge crack and will give you some time before you have to replace the windshield altogether.

Frozen Lock Problem – The alcohol in hand sanitizer will thaw the ice that is formed over your frozen locks so you can get inside and start the heater of your vehicle. This is an important tip to remember so that you don’t end up fighting a losing battle with a frozen lock and end up breaking your key or the lock which can be a costly repair.

Prevent Door Dings – When you open your door in a tight garage space you could damage the door on the wall or if you pull too far forward you might damage the front of your vehicle on the wall. Use some pool noodles on the walls of your garage to give your doors and the front bumper a soft place to land.

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