The recent occurrence of Hurricane Matthew left many people across several states without power, with flooded homes and cities and downed a ton of trees and limbs. The damage that can be done when a tree falls on a vehicle, a home or across a fence is horrific and it can be worse when life is at stake. In order to protect property and people from potential harm many brought items into their homes to avoid them from becoming projectiles during the storm or from being the target of flying objects or falling trees that could potentially destroy property.

With the news that this hurricane was on its way one car enthusiast that owns one of the most popular cars in the world had a decision to make. His prized possession could be left out in the storm to weather the effects of the hurricane or it could be put somewhere to be protected. Of course this particular car owner decided to protect his baby and bring the car indoors, but unlike most people who would bring a car into a garage, he had to bring it into the living room because he doesn’t have a garage.

Whether it was his good planning or a lucky build of his home that went along with the fact that his prized car is a narrow vehicle that could fit through a set of double exterior doors it’s unknown, but the BMW E30 M3 made it through and into the living room to be protected from the storm that was on its way. With the house around it to protect the car from possible damage this car owner felt much better about his car staying in pristine condition, which it certainly is. The E30 and the homeowner weathered the storm in great condition.

The challenge after the storm was bringing the car back out of the doors, which actually gave us a look at just how lucky this E30 M3 owner is. Not only does his car fit right through the double doors, with no step up into the home or step down from the front porch his car is able to clear the path with very minimal scraping on the lower portion and be able to end up back in the driveway in perfect condition as if there never was a hurricane that bore down on his home or the area around him.

I’m sure this owner will stay in this home as long as he owns his beautiful car considering how easy it was for him to park the car in the living room and enjoy knowing this vehicle was protected from the storm. For those who aren’t fans of the best driving machine in the world this might seem like a waste of time and effort, but for those who understand the value of this car and the fact that prices are going up on a regular basis, this was the perfect way to protect a car that has a value and a look that is extremely desirable.

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