11.08.16 - Hyundai Rockstar Santa Fe

Tuned Up and Turned Out

Hyundai came to SEMA prepared to be one of the most impressive automakers at the show and certainly did just that. While many automakers show off bolted on parts and add-ons that you can buy in the aftermarket world, Hyundai brought out a large number of amazing concepts that will hopefully be offered in some form on the market in the future. This year there were five unique concepts that were offered by Hyundai to be something special to give us cars we will want to drive along with something that’s out there and outrageous for us to marvel at.

ARK Road Racer Elantra Concept – ARK Performance was part of the partnership for this show from Hyundai last year as well and adds more performance pieces to the Elantra for us to enjoy the amazing car that’s been put together. This car adds a custom turbo kit and coilovers while putting the wheels under the body kit that helps to give the Elantra a completely new look and feel. This is a car that is not the same run of the mill Elantra that you’re used to, it offers you a ton of excitement on the road.

Gurnade Veloster Concept – The Veloster has always been a sports car but it seems like it has been passed over in many ways lately. In this form that showed up in SEMA there’s no way anyone would ever be able to overlook this gorgeous car. This Veloster adds a custom roll cage, several carbon fiber exterior parts, a paint job from PPG in Magic Magenta and much more. Under the hood you have new intake items and coilovers along with six-piston brakes and a set of beautiful 19-inch OZT wheels to give us a Veloster that we could enjoy looking at and driving every day.

Rockstar Santa Fe Concept – This big Santa Fe Sport has been given the Rockstar look with a huge star on the side and digital camo that makes the lower panels looks great. The glass has been tinted to be hard to see in and out and this big off road beast is riding high on 35-inch tires that make this big brute look formidable on the road. Under the hood a nitrous oxide injection system to give it more speed when you want it and make this the SUV that you’d be ready to drive anywhere.

IONIQ Salt Flats Racer – Hyundai will be part of the racing world and is ready to take this car to the salt flats to be the car that so many love to drive on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. This car was built specifically for this event and when presented at SEMA gave us a look at the low restriction intake and exhaust system along with a nitrous injection system that will give it more speed. This car was actually lowered about four inches from the original to add to the aerodynamics of the car and make it a car that will lead the way on the Salt Flats.

Bisimoto Santa Fast – Take the Santa Fe and power it by a hand built twin turbocharged 3.8-liter V6 engine that is capable of producing 1,000 horsepower and you have this amazing vehicle. This power is sent to the rear wheels using a six-speed manual transmission that came from the Genesis R-Spec while using a rear differential from the Equus sedan. This SUV could have come in primer paint and still stole the show, but it was painted in glorious racing colors to make it show off the outside the same way it does on the inside, just awesome.

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