Most of the time we don’t concern ourselves with the operating systems of our mobile devices, we just allow them to update and give us more of what we want. For those who are still stuck in older systems and haven’t downloaded the updates to iOS 10 you’re missing out. There are not only some new features and security enhancements that make a difference for iOS users, but now there are some really cool new Emoji that come with the update to give you a look at some new stickers you can send around to your buddies.

This new Emoji group is called Automoji and it comes with a variety of gorgeous racecar stickers that give you the ability to send the front view of some of the most impressive racing machines ever made to your friends and family for fun. These cars all come from one particular brand, and it’s one of the most admired brands that have been on the market for years. This brand is Porsche and these Automoji stickers are amazing to give you a great way to connect with your car enthusiast friends and let them know you appreciate them.

This new sticker app was designed by Kevin McCauley who is a designer based in Texas. The sticker app is for the Apple iMessage system and lets you have the emoji you want to send when you need it. How often have you wished you had a racecar emoji to send your friends; well, now you do. McCauley has had some extensive experience designing emoji for Saturday Night Live and their site, Super Deluxe and the @Seinfeld2000 Twitter account to name just a couple projects he’s worked on in the past.

The new Automoji features sixty different Porsche models that include every single Porsche that was ever a winner at Le Mans. Not only did McCauley create attractive renderings of these cars that are easily recognizable and accurate, but he also added his Porsche expertise to the mix by adding models that aren’t as well known. These include models such as the 9R3 Le Mans prototype, the 924 Carrera GT and the RUF CTR “Yellowbird.” All of the 911 models of note are also included to give us a fantastic array of over sixty cars you can choose from to send a sticker to your friends and family.

Once you install the updates for the iOS 10 system to your iPhone or iPad the Automoji program is offered for only $0.99 in the App Store. This is an easy to live with price for you to pay to be able to send any one of sixty Porsche models of note from the past to give you a brand you love and more enjoyment from your phone. Hopefully this Automoji program will be extended to Android users in the near future as well so that all who want to enjoy the fun of sending Porsche racing to the car enthusiasts in their contacts list.

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