08.10.16 - Car Thief

The Vehicles Loved by Thieves

Just because you’re making payments on your vehicle or you bought it outright and have the ownership papers doesn’t mean you’re the only one who loves your car. Car theft has been around for several decades and thieves do tend to target specific vehicles over others when they look for a car to steal. Typically the agenda involves the ease of reselling the car quickly and the technology involved in being able to get into the vehicle. Let’s take a look at what the ten most popular vehicles for thieves to steal for 2015 were and see why.

Chevrolet Impala – The Chevrolet Impala represents a large sedan style with an agile stance and ample trunk space. Whether a thief was looking for a car to get away in discreetly or needed a car that could store their stolen goods this is a choice they might make. It’s also a popular car to resell at auction and 9,225 Impalas were stolen in 2015.

Dodge Caravan – This choice doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, but for some reason 9,798 thieves chose the Caravan as the vehicle to drive away in during 2015. Yes you could fit plenty of your buddies for a heist or even carry the cargo you planned on taking away from the scene, but a pickup truck might have made a better choice overall.

Nissan Altima – This car is stolen because of the volume of sales of the vehicle. As you will see with some of the other popular choices the more that are sold, the more that are stolen. Either way the Altima offers a great style and is an easy car to sell as an attractive and engaging drive which may be why 10,374 of them were stolen in 2015.

Toyota Corolla – Our seventh place finisher goes to the Corolla with 10,547 stolen last year. This is absolutely one of the best-selling vehicles on the market and can be turned over for a small amount of money without a lot of questions being asked because of the affordability of the car. This is an easy choice for thieves to make even though it may surprise many of us.

Dodge Pickup – This should come as no surprise because not every robbery is a small job. In some cases a thief might want something a bit larger or even a full trailer and this is the right choice to have a vehicle to get the job done. For that reason we saw 11,212 Dodge pickups removed unwillingly from their owners last year.

Toyota Camry – The surprise here isn’t that the Camry is being stolen, it’s that this car isn’t in the top spot. Coming in fifth the Camry is the best-selling car in the US and has been for fourteen years. That alone makes it a huge target for disparate criminals to decide they want one of their own as they chose 15,466 of them last year to be stolen across the country.

Chevrolet Pickup – Another pickup and another top selling vehicle make the Chevrolet lineup of pickups an easy target with 27,771 of these vehicles stolen last year. If you notice, that’s a huge jump over our fifth place finisher. I wonder how many pickups were stolen with trailers full of stolen goods attached to them.

Ford Pickup – If you’re going to steal a truck you might as well steal one that’s the best-selling in the market. At least that seems to be the going logic as 29,396 of these trucks were stolen last year even though most of them were from only a handful of states. The Ford trucks make a great choice for someone to purchase, and what we want to buy, others want to steal.

Honda Civic – The Honda Civic has been the second place finisher more than once and it has been stolen at least 49,430 times in 2015. This is a car that many tuners and younger generation owners want to drive and work on as its reliable and easy to alter.

Honda Accord – The Accord is a bit different from the Civic, but is still the most stolen vehicle in the US for at least a second year in a row. Last year, 52,244 Accord owners had to report their vehicles stolen and work to try and get them back.

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