Over many years the vehicles we drive have changed and developed to offer us the features that we want to have while those that have been passed by have been left behind. Just one example of this is in the audio system we see in our vehicles. Some of us can remember when cars only came with AM radios, others remember AM/FM, and still more will remember 8-Track and cassette tape decks in the audio system of our vehicles. Many younger drivers will not know anything about these features, but they may see another item about to be replaced along with a few more.

CD Players – There was a time when the CD players carried multiple CDs but now we see many models that don’t have any CD player at all. The reason for that is the infotainment systems we have in cars now along with the fact we can play music right form our smartphones which means CD players are no longer needed and we get the fun of playing a great playlist.

Hand Brakes – We won’t see the large lever that needs to be pulled to engage the parking brake. This is due to the move toward an electric brake that is engaged with a button or by using your foot will be the way this function is used. We will still have the parking brakes to keep vehicles still on inclines and declines, but no longer have the satisfaction of pulling up the lever of a mechanical brake.

Mirrors – Using our mirrors is extremely important but they do leave a blind area next to each side of the car which leaves us susceptible to others moving into these areas and causing accidents. In the future these mirrors will be camera based which means the heads that block the view in the backseat and the blind spots will no longer be an issue.

Physical Gauges – Most likely you will not only have a screen with your GPS information in it right in front of you but you will be able to have a gauge cluster that is customized to what you want to see and gain information from. This is already the case in some of the cars we already have on the road which gives us the information we want to have when driving.

Actual AWD – In order to make cars more efficient a true AWD system needs to be used which includes limiting the power that goes to the wheels. This ensures the wheels that need the power do have it making for better grip to ensure the vehicle consumes less fuel, but the permanent 4WD system that we have seen before will no longer be offered.

Keys – We are looking at a time when cars will no longer need keys to open cars and drive. We already have proximity key fobs that have to be in or near the car to make it work or unlock and all cars will sooner or later be able to operate completely keyless in nature. We will soon see a time when you will use your smartphone exclusively for the operation of your vehicle which adds another layer of security.

Gear Sticks – We already see the manual transmissions leaving the market and even the sticks used for gear selecting are being done away with. Soon all you will have to do is push a button to put the vehicle in the right gear and save a bit of space to give you more storage room in the center console of a vehicle.

Physical Buttons and Knobs – The infotainment systems we are being presented with are getting better and better to control all the features of a vehicle. These systems are even able to operate the HVAC controls and to be able to use the volume controls for the audio system and even have your GPS operated from this area of the car. This means fewer buttons and more room for restyling the dashboard area of the car.

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