07.04.16 - Yugo GV

The Worst of the Worst

Often we look at different vehicles and find some form of a redeeming quality in them. This is even the case when it comes to something as awful as the Yugo was which was only loved for the fact that the price tag was so small. Other than the price the Yugo had nothing positive to offer us and it has become the staple of comparison for the most unreliable vehicles on the market. With that in mind, let’s take a look, even if it’s only for humor’s sake, at some of the most unreliable vehicles ever to come to market.

Cadillac ATS – This one may surprise you, but when the climate controls and infotainment system go haywire this is not a car you want to drive. It has also been reported to have some engine issues that make it a car that you can’t always count on to give you the ride you want.

Nissan Pathfinder – The Pathfinder has been one of the favorite vehicles for many of us to drive, but it does offer some electronics that are known to stop working and the CVT automatic transmission is one that doesn’t seem to live up to the quality we want to have in our vehicles.

Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon – This pair have made it on the list because of climate control issues, in dash electronic problems and even some reported issues with the transmissions. This makes them a pair you need to be careful of when driving.

Ram 2500 – This large truck is one that is typically a great drive but there have been reports of fuel system issues along with in cabin electronic problems and infotainment system shutdowns. This truck can give you some headaches and may be one you want to leave on the lot.

Chevrolet Suburban/GMC Yukon XL – These two are a pair we have long trusted for some of our larger SUV needs, but they also have reports of faulty drivetrains and electrical issues in the engine bay to put them on this list in the sixth position.

Chevrolet Corvette – While this is the best Corvette ever built there are some models that have had faulty climate control system, interior electronics issues and even engine failures that have caused a few customers to turn their nose up at the Corvette.

Jeep Cherokee – While this is a great SUV that is ready for the outdoors it is also one that has some driveline issues, interior electronic problems and even a nine-speed transmission that can become problematic for some customers.

Cadillac Escalade – Even though this is one of the favorite vehicles of celebrities and is certainly a great luxury hauler there have been reports of drivetrain issues, electronic problems and even engine woes to give this big beast some fits.

Ford Fiesta – The Fiesta is one of our most loved compact cars on the road today but it also has troubles to report. The Fiesta suffers from a poorly designed transmission, a massive amount of cabin noise and leaks have created a car that is on the poor side of the reliability spectrum.

Fiat 500L – This vehicle has had tons of reports of electrical issues, defective power equipment and transmission problems. This vehicle makes the top of the list as the least reliable we have on the road today, although there are many who may just want to enjoy the style of the Fiat 500L.

While none of these ten vehicles are nearly as awful as the Yugo ever was and some of these issues reported seem to be minor in comparison to what the Yugo and other cars of the previous generations offered us for their reliability these are the ten vehicles that have had the largest number of issues reported and therefore made the list.

When it comes to new cars and the advanced electronics inside them automakers are making great strides, but you can see that nearly every vehicle on this list has something reported wrong with the electronics of the vehicle. Hopefully most of these issues will be taken care of by recall notices before you ever have to deal with paying for an actual repair bill.

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