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Comfort Doesn’t Have to Come at a High Price

There is nothing more enjoyable to most of us than a comfortable ride in a car that is made to be comfortable. The challenge with comfort is most of the time this is thought of as something you can only have on a luxury car, but the reality is there are plenty of cars that offer the spacious comfort you want in a price range you can certainly enjoy. When it comes to comfort, don’t spend all your income to be in a luxury car, go ahead and enjoy the right space and seating in a car that you can buy for under $30,000.

Honda CR-VAs the market’s most popular crossover SUV the CR-V is a comfortable ride the sets you a little higher than the sedans on the road and gives you the roominess you can enjoy. Not only is this and SUV with the spacious comfort up front, but your rear seat passengers will also love the space they find in the back which is built to make sure everyone can have a wonderful ride. You can even take some stuff along with you that will make you even more comfortable at your destination.

Hyundai SonataWhile a sedan from Hyundai might not sound very comfortable, the Sonata shows up with plenty of space and loads of creature comforts. Spring for the higher trim levels and you can enjoy the high quality leather upholstery and plenty of driver assistance features for you to enjoy. This car not only has a reputation to be comfortable and full of equipment its actually extremely active on the road as well to get into traffic quickly and let you sit back and enjoy the ride in the comfort and graceful style the Sonata brings to the market.

Subaru OutbackJust because this vehicle is a rugged outdoor trail rider that has a cult following does not mean it’s not a comfortable vehicles to ride in. With a wagon style and the versatility of AWD you will feel confident in the ride and enjoy the spacious interior that allows you to take a few friends to the slopes or out to the beach for a fun weekend. As an SUV with 33 mpg on the highway and the capability of driving just about anywhere you want to go this is a great vehicle to drive for under $30,000.

Toyota CamryYou might not think of this as a comfortable car, but you know this car is certainly under our price threshold. Larger than the Corolla the Camry is one of the most loved commuting cars on the market today and gives you a wonderful interior that you can even add premium materials and high tech features to. This is a car that is easy to drive and more enjoyable than most on the road today. When you think of comfort you might not think of the Camry but you really should as its one of the most comfortable cars you can drive at this price.

Volkswagen PassatAs the midsized sedan of the Volkswagen family this car is one that has the ride comfort of a great suspension and steering system along with supple seats that make it easy to enjoy the ride. the Passat has been one of the favorites on the market for years for its European feel and overall distinguished quality. The fact that this car will give you nearly 36 mpg will certainly make the ride even more comfortable knowing you can keep on driving right past most of the gas pumps along the way.

Honda AccordWhen you want a car that not only has the roominess you want for comfort but also the sportiness of a Honda the Accord is the right choice for you to drive. As one of the best midsized cars on the market today this is a car that you might not expect to be full of great features and the refinement you want, but it certainly has a lot to offer and will give you as much as 36 mpg on the highway. The Accord is a great way to get into a wonderful sedan that is comfortable and exciting to drive.

Nissan AltimaOn a list with the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord is it really any surprise the Altima makes the cut as a comfortable car as well. This car offers you the “Zero Gravity” front seats that were inspired by NASA to be the right seats for you to enjoy. A car this comfortable sounds like it should cost a lot more, but the Altima is certainly under the $30,000 mark and even comes with 38 mpg on the highway to be one of the most enjoyable cars you can ever drive.

Chrysler 300The surprise with this car isn’t the fact that it’s comfortable, but the fact that it’s under $30,000. This is a large car that shows off the full sized sedan chops we love to enjoy that gives us a large and spacious interior full of soft surfaces and wonderful amenities. If you haven’t driven this big beauty before, you really should now as this is a car that will give you a ride you won’t soon forget. This brute even shows off with some good fuel mileage on the highway as well to give you a ride that is comfortable and efficient.

Volvo S60Another car that can really surprise you on this list because it makes it under the price threshold is the S60 that is a car that is full of safety which would add to anyone’s comfort, but this car also has an interior with wonderful seats that are covered in the softest leather you will ever see at this price range. This is a small luxury sedan from Volvo that is perfect for commuting with great fuel mileage and is one of the most sensible, affordable and comfortable cars on the market for this price.

Chevrolet ImpalaThis car has loads of space, great features and the looks to make everyone want to drive this amazing car. The Impala oozes style and class and some would question whether or not it really belongs with a Chevrolet badge on it at all. As one of the most impressive full sized cars on the market today the Impala gives you a car you can take the whole family around in and enjoy the drive when you head out to the weekend getaway spot or you look for the right way to get home after a long day at work.

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