When you have created the fastest exotic supercar to every prowl the streets of this planet you have earned the right to address some questions with an air of haughtiness. This was the case for Bugatti who informed us when the Veyron production was at an end that the successor would have to be able to produce much more than the Veyron ever did. This boggled the imagination at the time, but now the Chiron (aptly named after a famed Bugatti driver) is here and is certainly a fitting successor to the lauded Veyron.

When the Veyron was on display at auto shows around the world the idea was not to turn it into a production car, but in the end that was exactly what happened. This was one of the first cars to be produced to look exactly like the concept version, which wasn’t always received well for this car. While the Veyron wasn’t the most aerodynamic or the lightest car on the road, it was certainly the fastest, which was all it needed to be.

The Chiron is a perfect replacement and has a top speed that is said to be able to reach 288 mph, a full 20 mph more than the Veyron SS could reach. The Chiron will be limited electronically to 261 mph, but if this car were allowed on the track without the limiter attached there is no telling what it might do. Bugatti put a speedometer inside that reaches 310 mph, which might be just a bit lofty, but we won’t know unless this car is allowed to make the run without limitations.

How does this car create such impressive speed? Not only is the shape extremely aerodynamic, which we will discuss a bit later, but it has a massive 8.0-liter quad-turbocharged W16 engine that produces 1,500 horsepower and 1,180 lb.-ft. of torque. This is a massive improvement in the power specs over the Veyron and because the Chiron is more aerodynamic it certainly stands to reason that this car is capable of much higher speeds.

As for some of the more reasonable tests, the Chiron can reach sixty mph in less than 2.5 seconds and reach 125 mph in only 6.5 seconds while finishing a sprint to 186 mph in only 13.6 seconds which will certainly blow the doors off anything else on the road.

These speeds are possible not only from the amazing power but also from the carbon fiber monococque that has an active aerodynamic front and rear that was also part of the Veyron build, but is more efficient on the Chiron. There will only be 500 of the Chiron built and a third are already sold (they probably were sold as soon as the new car was announced) and if you want one the cost will start at $2.5 million and only go up from there.

Without a doubt Bugatti has done it again and gives us a car that truly is the speed and luxury machine we want to drive, but most of us will only ever get to gawk at on posters.

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