When you look at the Chevrolet Spark it doesn’t look like much, but a couple years ago Dale Earnhardt Jr. showed us how much fun the previous version of the Spark can be. Even though the Spark was already a great product Chevrolet decided 2016 would mark a new year and new Spark for us to love.

Where the Spark has been improved are in some of the most important areas, style, structure and power. Using a new architecture the Spark becomes less of a tiny box on wheels and shows a more attractive build than ever before. This car is shorter by 1.6 inches which helps to offer the improved characteristics we want to see. A new sculpted body that starts up front and carries all the way to the rear make a huge difference in the overall look of this car. This new height and body shaping make for an amazing looking car that is sporty and ready to take on the road.

How does a new platform for the Spark sound to you? It should sound great as the wheels have been moved outward to the edge of the wheel wells to give the car a better stance and a complete appearance that is actually more sophisticated than before. While the Spark is shorter the interior headroom is maintained because of the lowering of the seats. Other dimensional changes include a longer wheelbase to offer more room in the still small rear seat.

As for the looks of the Spark, there was already a great menu of awesome colors for you to choose from that now adds three new colors to the mix. These three new colors are Toasted Marshmallow, Kalamata and Splash. Adding these three gives you the ability to have a car that is truly unique to you that can show off as a fun and funky car around town.

Under the hood the engine grew to a 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine which is part of the new Ecotec line. This engine uses and all aluminum block and direct fuel injection. There will be a manual transmission offered as the standard choice with a CVT that is an option which can be chosen to help bring in the fuel mileage numbers we want, especially since this is typically a city dwelling car that can run all week long without the need to refuel.

On the inside the Spark will have upgraded materials, a new instrument panel, a new center stack and a capacitive display screen to make this a car that attracts those who love their technology. The technology is increased with the 4G LTE Wi-Fi that comes in through the OnStar system to let you enjoy the connectivity you want for the ride.

The Spark has been a popular small hatchback that has served many who are just starting out and has been a great gift for parents to give their students who head off to college. With these new improvements, the Spark is a car you can love on any road even though it’s most at home on the city streets in your area.

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