McLaren 675LT Spider

What is the McLaren 675LT Spider?

McLaren had long abandoned the LT moniker on its models but the new unveiling of the 675LT Spider makes the second in recent years to wear the badge.  After a twenty year hiatus we can enjoy once again the sporty performance and perfect driving of a lightweight and aerodynamic speedster from McLaren, but what is this new car?  Is this going to be a roadster or will it be ready for track only performance?  Let’s take a look at the 675LT Spider and see if we can figure that out; here are a few things you should know about this newly released car.

Pricing – McLaren models don’t come cheap at all and this new one seems to keep in that tradition by offering at starting price of $372,600.  This will allow you to purchase a convertible (hence the Spider part of the name) model but at that price the mark is higher than the Huracan Spider but it is cheaper than the ,kk.  Does this mean the performance and power are set somewhere between these two awesome bulls? I think we need to explore a few more bits of information to find out for sure what we are dealing with here.

Power – As you might expect the new McLaren 675LT Spider will offer you tons of power.  This car is powered by a 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine that has been tuned to the devilish number of 666 horsepower and 516 lb.-ft. of torque.  This gives us a car the can reach sixty mph in less than 2.9 seconds while offering a top speed of 203 mph.  What makes this truly amazing is the fact that this car can still reach 18 mpg combined to be a somewhat efficient model on the road.

Weight – The weight of this car is obviously a factor in its overall speed and efficiency.  If it were too heavy it wouldn’t be able to achieve the times stated or deliver some of the efficiency offered.  The overall dry weight of this convertible is only 2,800 pounds to have a power to weight ratio of 4.2 pounds per horsepower.  This weight is actually 220 pounds less than the 650S Spider but it is 88 pounds heavier than the coupe version of the 675.  The ratio certainly allows for a great speed and power performance and with the convertible top and the mechanics an increase of 88 pounds is nearly negligible.

Solis Paint Shade – You want to enjoy the drive in this car, even if it’s just around the block to show off to your friends and neighbors.  Why not do it in a color of paint that resembles the sun.  With the name that is derived from the sun the Solis color will only be offered on this car making it highly excusive.  Of course if you don’t like the Solis color you can choose from Silica White, Delta Red, Napier Green and Chicane Grey as your other paint options to have the 675LT Spider in the color you want to show off.

Limited Edition – Nearly every McLaren model is a limited edition run and just like the coupe the 675LT Spider will only be sold to 500 lucky individuals worldwide.  Of course there are plenty of ultra-rich out there who will spend the money needed to put this car in their collection or to have it as their track ready speedster to show off.  If you want to be one of the few who makes this your car you need to act fast, preorders will take place soon and deliveries will begin in the summer of 2016.

With this information I think we have a grasp on what the new McLaren 675LT Spider is.  This is a car that offers the signature styling and aerodynamics from McLaren that is a highly expensive super sports car with plenty of power, a low weight (even as a convertible), a new exclusive paint color and is only being offered in a limited number.  This will certainly be a car that would give anyone chills as it rolled down the street and can offer any owner the pleasure of cutting corners and carving up the road in nearly every country in the world.

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