For 2016 Chevrolet has updated the Volt to give us new performance and a longer all electric range in order to ensure you can drive where you need to go in a car that offers you a lot but only asks for a little from you.  The Volt has been one of the best hybrid vehicles on the road for several years and gives you a huge distance on the tank of gas from the gasoline backup power plant.  Now that the 2016 model is being brought to the market the Volt upgrades its ability and brings you more than ever in order to see the right abilities and outstanding performance be part of the package.

The start of the upgrades for the Volt includes an extended all-electric range from 38 to 53 miles.  This means a variety of trips you can make without ever using any gas as long as they are all under the 53 mile range.  The only consideration that needs to be made after the first leg of any trip under 53 miles is that there needs to be another all-electric charging location at the destination so you can return in the same fuel saving manner.

The distance between gas fill ups can be as much as 1,000 miles.  For owners who actually charge up their Volt on a regular basis this can mean a great deal of commuting without ever having to fill up the car, which helps you to enjoy some great fuel savings.  This also means you can take a long road trip in the Volt knowing you will be able to reach across several states without ever having to refill your car with gasoline or electric power; a huge bonus when it comes to the overall driving experience.

The improved gas savings is amazing in the new Volt.  Just the addition of fifteen miles of all-electric power can make a huge difference.  As an example; if you charge the batteries in your car every day and have a daily drive of a total of fifty miles you will never need to use any gas in the 2016 model.  On the 2015 model you would have to use 12 miles of gasoline each day and will eventually have to refill the tank, while the gas in the 2016 model is reserved for those days when you have to head off your normal routes for longer drives.  This can be a huge savings of an estimate over $300 per year.

As a comparison to other EV models the 2016 Volt stakes up pretty well making a full 106 MPGe which is better than the 98 MPGe for the 2015 model.  Other EV models show up such as the Chevrolet Spark EV at 119 MPGe, Fiat 500e at 116 MPGe, Volkswagen e-Golf at 116 MPGe, Nissan Leaf at 114 MPGe, Smart fortwo electric drive at 107 MPGe, Kia Soul electric at 105 MPGe, Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid at 95 MPGe and the Cadillac ELR at 82 MPGe.  For the most part many of these other EV models do not offer you the same all electric range as the Volt and with this upgraded range the Volt is a great way to offer better range and more savings.

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