2016 Kia Cadenza

When You Need a New Car

There is nothing wrong with appreciating an older model car and actually driving it until it won’t go anymore, but there comes a time when a new car can really make the difference.  If you have been driving the same car for the past ten, twenty or thirty years then you are missing out on all the amazing new technology and performance that you can enjoy in a new car.  With the 2016 model year nearly upon us, I offer you ten of the new cars you will see on dealer lots for this next model year.

Hyundai EquusThe Equus is one of the two luxury sedans from Hyundai, giving you some of the best equipment and features you can find.  With a seriously smooth ride, a full size spacious interior and a plenty of awesome features the Equus is a car that will love you just as much as you love it.  Inside the Equus you will enjoy the Lexicon premium audio system that turns the car into a concert from the stereo.

Hyundai Genesis The Genesis is the more affordable of the two luxury sedans from Hyundai.  With a redesign to a new generation in 2015 the car comes in for 2016 with very few changes but the Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 design which makes the Genesis one of the most attractive cars on the road.  The Genesis is proof you don’t have to pay blown up prices in order to get a great luxury vehicle.  There is even a coupe variant for some sporty performance.

Hyundai Sonata/Plug-InLast year all you could get was a gas powered Sonata but for 2016 you can purchase a hybrid and plug-in model which gives you a great deal of variation in selection but also the ability to have a car that will offer better fuel efficiency with much lower emission ratings.  With a base price of $22,500 the Sonata certainly gives you a great deal of car for a very reasonable price.

Hyundai VelosterThis quirky little hatchback has become more and more popular during its time in existence.  This car is fun to drive and offers you a great deal of awesome features to enjoy.  As the sporty and direct drive based car the Veloster lets you be a huge part of the fun and shows a great deal of action and capabilities when on the road.  This is a ca that you will want to drive every single day.

Infiniti Q50The Q50 only gains a few minor changes from last year.  Powered by a fantastic performing 2.0-liter turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine which has been powering the car in Europe and China the Q50 brings this to the States for us to enjoy.  When you want more power the Q50 also offers a great V6 but an even higher powered V6 will be available in the next couple model years.

Infiniti Q70/LThe Q70 is available in two wheelbase lengths with the longer one adding nearly six inches to the overall length.  In this longer car you will not only enjoy more space on the inside, but more sound deadening and active noise control in order to give you the quietest cabin this car has ever had.  There are three powertrains to choose from so you can certainly have the Q70 powered how you want.

Jaguar F-Type/F-Type RSet up to compete directly with the Porsche 911, the F-Type offers a look and feel that is significantly sophisticated but also boisterous with the growling engines that want to be noticed.  The addition of a six-speed manual transmission and AWD give this performance car a lot more to enjoy.  The base 3.0-liter engine offers more than enough power to enjoy, but there is the 5.0 if desired.

Jaguar XFThis sedan offers you a great deal of luxury sport features and equipment in order to give you a supercharged 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine that is tuned a couple different ways to give you the drive and power you want.  This brand new sedan shows up with throttle mapping, steering feeling and transmission shift points to match up with your driving in order to give you a drive that fits your personality.

Jaguar XJ/XJRMoving up in size, this sedan is a large and luscious sedan in the Jaguar family.  With powerful engines, exceptional equipment and a drive that will make you beg for more the XJ has everything you want in a car.  The new infotainment system offers the InControl Touch system to give you a fantastic interface in which you have to control many of the different systems in the car for maximum comfort.

Kia CadenzaAs a favorite from Kia the Cadenza is one of the highest in their lineup to have an entry that is near luxury and may even prowl in the premium class comfortably.  With the comfort of Nappa leather and the look of a panoramic sunroof you can certainly enjoy the feeling of being pampered in this car that also brings you a 550-watt Infinity audio system.  With great V6 power and a great ride the Cadenza is worth the $36,000 price.

As little luxury, a little mainstream and even a sports car or two in this group of ten and you can easily see how exciting it can be to look at the new models that are coming to you in the next month or two to lineup well for the 2016 model year.  This leaves only one question; which new car is right for you?

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