2016 bmw 3 series

BMW Gives You More and Only Asks for a Little More

The BMW sedans are great to drive and some of the best luxury models on the market.  The 3-Series has been one of the top sellers for BMW for across the board and the 4-Series is really not too far behind.  Even though our inflation has leveled off BMW has done some interesting math and some great work to bring you better equipment aboard the top end M3 and M4 in order to make the offering you want in these two highly anticipated and enjoyed luxury sports cars that are built to please and give you all the equipment and power you could want.

First of all, what makes a BMW sedan a great drive?  Is it the athletic stance or the dynamic drive that instantly responds to the inputs from the steering wheel and provides you one of the most active and controlled rides you could ever experience?  It could be the two kidney shaped grills on the front, or simply the fact that the name rings true with quality and luxury?  I would say all these are true and when combined together offer you a Beemer that is more than just worth the drive or the feeling of being one with the car.

When you take this awesome driving feeling and upgrade it with more sport and power, the price goes up, but so does the driving experience.  With that in mind, the M3 is going to be offered with some great additions, which of course will show up on the M4 as well.  The upgrades will include a Harman Kardon surround sound system as a standard feature.  Satellite radio, keyless entry, a backup camera and headlamp washers will also be added to the standard list and were all options on previous models.

For these additions, BMW has increased the price of the M3 by only $1,245 to bring it to $64,195 for the base price.  For this luxury sedan that’s actually a great price and seems affordable in this market.  The pricing for the M4 will receive a similar increase and begin at $66,395.  Moving up to the convertible of the M4 will bring a price of $74,895 and add a center pass-through in the rear seats to allow you to haul some odd items that just don’t quite fit in the trunk of the vehicle.

Both are now offered with upgraded navigation systems with wireless connectivity and faster processors, chrome accents in the interior, L-shaped LED taillights and climate control display color changes.  The one deletion in the lineup is the dropping of the Sakhir Orange Metallic paint which will only be available as a custom order options. With these upgrades on these two high end sporty BMW models this small increase in price is certainly worth the money, and it will be even more worth it if you buy these vehicles as pre-owned BMW models.  Either way, it will barely be noticeable in your monthly payments as you enjoy a new M3 or M4 that has some fantastic additions for this brand new model year.

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