Miata Competition

Competition, Even Within a Company is a Good Thing

The new Mazda MX-5 Miata has already been revealed as the next generation of the already loved roadster which includes a possibility of a turbocharged model that may be unveiled later in the generation.  The new Miata is expected to be around for at least ten years, giving it a great time in service.  Announcements were originally made that the engine would not be upgraded and the driving feeling of a Miata was the place attention would continue to be.  At 155 horsepower that does seem to be a slight problem until you drive one, but Mazda may be ready to change its tune.

The Abarth Fiat Spider is under its own rebuild and as a performance roadster that is showing up under the same FCA umbrella and in conjunction with Mazda the 124 Spider will be built off the platform of the newest Miata.  The Spider will be built in same factory as the Miata and will have powertrains from Fiat and have a base model that is powered by the 1.4-liter engine that is already found in the Fiat 500 which is one of the most powerful Fiat 500 versions to date.

The Abarth version will actually be powered by a powertrain that is on its way out.  Revitalizing the 1.75-liter engine that pushes out 237 horsepower that is found in the Alfa Romeo 4C will show up as the powerful model from Fiat.  With this powertrain under the hood of the Spider it won’t be hard to see why Mazda will want to turbocharge the Miata at all.  There is certainly no desire by Mazda for the Miata to become the economy version of the group and become the model that is not admired and enjoyed, taking second place to the Spider.

With that knowledge on the table, even though Mazda hasn’t announced when the turbocharged model will show up there seems to be all the evidence you can imagine that will certainly lead to the unveiling of a more powerful Miata, which is what many of us have desired for many years.  Even though power has never been the most important part of the driving performance and fun of a Miata, the announcement that Fiat will show off the Spider in the form that it will be ensures Mazda won’t sit on its haunches for long with the new Miata.

The anticipation may last longer than expected, but the movement forward should become accelerated.  This will certainly give us a chance to have two awesome roadsters which have similar performance and power to give you a choice between which of the roadsters you want to drive and have as your curve killing turn torturing machine that rips through the mountain passes.  As we wait to see what and how these cars come up and show us the right form that will give us a pair of awesome cars that we will enjoy as the roadster we desire, hopefully more information will be available for us to fully enjoy and give us a lot of fun to discuss until they are revealed.

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