…when you put a pair of comedians in a 1964 Morgan what exactly are you going to get.  If you are a fan of Jerry Seinfeld’s new online video series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” you can easily find out as Jerry picks up Stephen Colbert in this classic automobile.  Colbert has been named as the successor to David Letterman for “The Late Show” and offers a completely different look and wit than what Letterman brought to the show for so many years, night after night.  So what makes this a comedic scene, other than the two experts, let’s see?

First of all the Morgan is certainly a classic car with a look and feel that is truly classic and traditional in nature.  These are very British in their design along with being traditional in their look.  This make of the Morgan has been around since 1936 and the frame for the car is actually made of ash wood.  This type of frame and build may not make any sense today, but at the time of the design and build the Morgan was sought after as a car that offered a smooth and enjoyable ride.  Because the Morgan is a car that scoffed at the rest of the automotive world, it makes sense to have it be one that is great to drive and  gives a certain amount of proper manners to anyone in the car.

Why did Seinfeld choose this car as the one he would pick up Colbert in for their coffee date?  Possibly because of the beard Colbert sports or possibly because of the collection of pipes he owns, but most likely its just really funny and makes for an excellent comedic skit which we get to witness first hand during the video of these two comedy geniuses having coffee and enjoying some great times together while in and out of the classic British style car.

During the skit Colbert suggests a mouse dressed in British attire might reside in the glove box and be able to ride a small bicycle that would operate the windshield wipers and ask if you need anything.  The car is really over the top with the full effect you would have gotten from 1964 and both men find it amusing to put on the driving gloves and take the car for a spin.  The dialogue and scene all make for quite a humorous encounter to be enjoyed.

Not only are Seinfeld and Colbert extremely amusing together, they seem to find a type of humor, some of it sick and twisted and other parts just plain funny, but it becomes obvious the two men are having a great time together.  What more could you want to bring to gentlemen together for a great breakfast, nice cup of coffee, and a few laughs together but a British car made by Morgan that is a serious throwback to the time when cars were built with a completely different kind of style and technology did not involve computers.

Enjoy the full video here.

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