Ford Car To Park Itself

Ford Car To Park Itself

Self driving vehicles, cars that can talk to each other, and all kinds of technological advancements are being made in vehicles today. There is lane change assist technology, back up camera’s, blind spot detection, and even the ability to connect our smartphones to our automobiles. Ford is forging into the frontier when it comes to technology. They are offering a vehicle that can literally park itself.

Do you ever have the age old problem of someone who is parked too close to the line and you don’t want to park there because it is too tough? What about compact parking spots that don’t seem too appealing to park in, so you drive away and walk further to avoid hitting a wall or car? Ford’s technology will allow you to exit the vehicle and let the car do the parking.

Ford has developed technology that will allow the driver to exit the vehicle, push a button on the key fob, and the car will pull itself into the parking spot. When the driver is ready to leave, they can simply press the button again and the vehicle will pull back out, allowing the driver to get easily into the vehicle. Ford is working to test and fine tune this technology so it can be available in production models in the coming next few years.

Ford is already working on a semi-autonomous vehicle as well that includes technology that will warn drivers about pedestrians crossing the roads and applying the brake if the driver fails to press it. This technology is already available in some European models and luxury vehicles, but is expected to be available in more models.

Many car makers already have technology that assist drivers to parallel park, but Ford is the first to pioneer technology that allows the computer to do all of the work without the driver in the vehicle. The car will use sensors to navigate the parking space, which will allow it to avoid hitting anything. It will also use cameras to avoid hitting anything when it pulls out of the spot in reverse. The technology does have a few kinks to work out, but is in development today.

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