2016 Audi A3 Tdi Sportback

Diesel Pioneering from Audi

The introduction of the diesel-powered A3 from 2016 Audi in 2010 was the first of the car lineup and the second offering from Audi to show up on US soil with diesel power. The first was the Q7 SUV that had been unleashed a year earlier, marking a new era for Audi.

Now, we see six diesel models across the Audi lineup to give us a group of great vehicles to choose from for those of us who love a diesel powered vehicle. In fact, with the inclusion of the A6, A7, A8 and the Q5 crossover Audi now has more diesel models than any other carmaker in the US. In fact the diesel models on the A-line Audis represent nearly ten percent of their overall sales, this makes these Audis a huge part of the brand success in the US.

With a redesign, the 2015 version of the A3 is now the freshest diesel model to come down the line to give us the low rpm torque that we love from our diesel-powered Audis. The TDI setup of the A3 gives us a car that is comfortable, looks great and is certainly fuel efficient. If you were expecting it to be quicker than the gasoline powered variants you need to understand the difference in the engines as the diesel is known for taking its time getting things done, but offers the fuel mileage to make it a great choice and the low end power feels enticing from behind the wheel.

Even though the diesel power is not going to win you any races, the immediate acceleration is enjoyable when pulling out into traffic and gives you a great feeling of confident in town driving you won’t get from a gasoline powered A3. Where it counts the most, the diesel-powered A3 showed up with an average of 38 mpg when put through a 965 mile test which was better by 2 mpg than the EPA combined rating and the 500 miles you can drive between fill ups in this car make for an enjoyable mileage knowing you won’t be visiting the gas station each week unless you have a very long commute, in which case having this fuel efficient car as your daily driver makes perfect sense.

For those of you who think of a diesel powered vehicle as one that makes a lot of noise in and out of the cabin, the advancements made have quieted the engines significantly and you would be hard pressed to even find a bit more noise in a TDI than a gas powered A3. This is actually the case across many manufacturers, but with the Audi lineup, it’s even more noticeably quiet.

The interior of the A3 is really where the fun takes place. This awesome looking area full of wonderful materials and great equipment gives you the luxury blanket you desire from the four ring name. At a price that comes in the mid $30,000 range, a TDI A3 is a great choice for anyone looking for a fuel efficient diesel powered car that can handle all your driving needs.

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