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Vehicles that Hold Their Value

On the average a vehicle will lose twelve percent of its value during the first year of ownership. Some cars lose more, others lose less and when you know you are going to trade the vehicle in that you have recently purchased the ability of your vehicle to hold its value is extremely important. Instead of being a statistic, this actually becomes a feature of the vehicle itself and makes it much more important for you to ensure you have a vehicle that will easily be resold for a good price and give you the most value overall. Here are ten vehicles that are well-known for holding their value and depreciate very little over the first year.

Honda CR-V

The CR-V shows up as the most popular crossover SUV on the road. As a highly sought after vehicle, the CR-V shows up as a great drive and continues to gain improvement to the transmission and interior, but one of the best features is its ability to hold value over the first year and beyond. The CR-V loses only 9% of its original value during the first year, making it one of the easiest vehicles to trade in when it’s time to get the next CR-V.

Toyota FJ Cruiser

The FJ Cruiser is an awesome off road vehicle from Toyota which has a reputation for high resale values. In fact just putting the Toyota name on a vehicle offers it a high resale value as they have a longstanding tradition of holding their value. The FJ Cruiser enters its final year of production in 2015 as one of the favorites among many of the off roading crowd and only loses 8.7% of its overall value during the first year of ownership.

Nissan Versa

One of the marks of a vehicle being able to keep its value is sometimes not weighing it down with features that it doesn’t necessarily need. The Versa is a subcompact sedan that has no frills at all and starts at a low price to begin with. Because of these factors the Versa holds value extremely well and makes a great choice for anyone on a budget. With a depreciation of only 8.7% in the first year, the Versa becomes one of the best cars to start with and then step up when it’s time to trade it in.

Scion xB

Scion comes from the parent company of Toyota which is known for reliability. The xB has become popular as many budget-conscious buyers have needed a great small SUV-style vehicle that gives them room and versatility in a great size. The xB comes in a hatchback class or compact SUV, either way it holds great resale value and gives you one of the most powerful engines in this vehicle range to enjoy. The xB loses only 8.2% of its overall value during the first year, making it an easy vehicle to transition from.

Mercedes G-Class

This large SUV is on the other end of the spectrum from many of the smaller value players on this list. This is one of the most expensive SUVs on the market and brings in a huge amount of luxury features along with the off road capabilities to make some of the most out of reach locations easily reachable. The G-Class loses only 8% of its overall value in the first year which is about $9,300 but compared to the overall price of this vehicle that is a reasonable amount to expect for such a great SUV.

Nissan Frontier

The Frontier is one of the few mid-sized trucks that has continues to be offered when Ford and Chevrolet stopped manufacturing their mid-sized trucks. this small pickup makes a great choice as an off road vehicle or one that can do the hauling needed. Even though it has a smaller size, the Frontier shows up as one that will do the work as a mighty player in this segment. The overall loss of value for this vehicle comes in at just 7.9% of the value over the first year making it a great value.

Jeep Wrangler

The Wrangler gives credence to the idea that having a vehicle that offers a more simplistic equipment and style can hold its value better than some others. Still one of the favorites to take off road, the Wrangler is one of the most sold and resold vehicles on the market as some are always looking for a new Wrangler to enjoy. This vehicle shows a depreciation of only 7.1% over the first year, being a fantastic value offering from Jeep.

Toyota Tacoma

It should come as no surprise Toyota prowls this list with a few offerings. The Tacoma is another of the mid-sized trucks that have been gaining popularity and sales with the hiatus of Ford and Chevrolet from the segment. The Tacoma packs a huge punch in a size that is easily one of the most dynamic on the trails that make a venture off road a pleasure and easily accessible. The Tacoma holds value and only depreciates 6.9% over the course of its first year of ownership.

Subaru Impreza

The compact car segment has become more and more popular over the past several years as more car shoppers are looking to be budget conscious and still have enough space to haul a few items home from the store. In this segment, the Impresa is the only one that shows up with standard all-wheel drive making it the best choice during foul weather and in Northern climates. The Impreza has a depreciation rate of only 3% over its first year, making it one of the greatest value leaders on this list.

Land Rover Range Rover

The Range Rover is an off road luxury vehicle that everyone loves. Luxury vehicles typically depreciate more than other vehicles because of the long menu of features and equipment inside, but the Range Rover is much different. As a go anywhere and do anything vehicle the Range Rover actually appreciates in value over the first year, gaining 3.3% of its price during that time.

When shopping for vehicles this is an awesome list to begin with because these are the vehicles that keep their value for much longer than others do. If you love these offerings knowing they will be easy to get a great price for when it’s time to trade in or sell them you can buy one of these vehicles knowing you can get the latest model when it comes out with new equipment and continue to have a new or nearly new vehicle to drive.

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